Duesway Transition

Duesway transitions come standard with a sight window for view of flow, vertical access door, pit-dump door (not shown) and an access hatch if you need to put loose feed back into the trailer (not shown).

Spring-assisted Mounts

The spring-assisted motor mounts, coupled with a double #60 sprocket and chain allow a far greater lifespan to the splines (teeth) of your motors and drive inserts.  Very low-maintenance items.

Aluminum Valve Box

Our sleek valve box design ensure that your expensive components are covered and sheltered from the elements.  Lock-able as well.

Popular Options

Roll Tarp / Bag Shelf

Any sized fender can be outfitted with the innovative Duesway Roll Tarp.  It is designed with a rounded edge to prevent the tarp from becoming brittle and breaking at bend points.

Parker In-Line Filters

In-line high pressure filter ensure that the hydraulic fluid is properly cleared of particulates.  Above and beyond the standard return line filter, oil is the blood of any hydraulic unit, so we try to keep it as clean as possible.

Wireless Controller

This innovative proportional controller and diagnostic receiver are revolutionary to the industry.  No more herky-jerky motion of the boom auger, now you can feather it into place with the proportional buttons.  It is also paired with a diagnostic receiver that helps pinpoint the malfunctioning component, and much more.

Back-lit Nameplate

The one thing about bulk feed equipment is that it is always on the road.  What better than to advertise for free?  We will cut out your company name or logo and and light it with an L.E.D. strip - free of charge of course.  Just one of the little things we do to go above and beyond.

Nose-Mount Oil Tank

Customers that run a 4 - Line system will need the addition of an oil tank.  A Duesway oil tank is American-made here on site from high quality aluminum.  It is a good looking,  yet functional tank.

Galvanized 5th Wheel

The Duesway Heavy Duty 5th wheel is made to withstand the off-road rigors of the feed transport industry on a daily basis.

Paddle-Box Option

Reduces overall height of unit without adding a cross-over auger, hoses, flighting, etc.  Height restrictions are not uncommon and Duesway has several ways of addressing this issue.

Bio-Security System

The dis-infect system is quickly becoming popular to help fight contamination issues in the industry.  The one shown here covers all tires (tractor & trailer) within 10 seconds - all from the flip of a switch in the cab.  6 spray-wands per tandem ensure great coverage.

Galvanized Subframe

High-yield steel, innovative self-cleaning design, paired with (2) 25,000 lb. Arvin Meritor axles.

​Come standard with Wabco Roll Stability Support.

Duesway Standard Equipment


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1-Piece Top Door

Duesway uses 3/16" Diamond Plate Aluminum to fabricate its top door.  Strong, sturdy, and convenient.  They can also be out-fitted with the latest safety rail as well.


Disinfectant Tank

The dis-infect system is paired with an aluminum tank to house the dis-infect solution used by the owner-operator.  This tank can be sized from 10 to 60 gallons with a sight gauge, fill screen, in-line filter, and a drain plug as standard items.

Patriot XL Series

10" Floor / 16" Vertical / 12" Boom

​Approx. 6000 lbs. per minute

​Save labor, fuel, and hours on your equipment.

Fabricating for our future. Together we feed the world!

Tram Fall Prevention

One of the safest options ever to be installed onto a bulk feed unit is the TRAM Fall Prevention System from Standfast USA.  The driver will be securely hooked in to the TRAM arm that slides back and forth over the length of the unit.

Stainless Steel Lines

Gone are the days of rusty hydraulic oil lines, not only are they an eye-sore, but they actually kept additional heat in the system.  These stainless steel lines look nicer, require no maintenance and dissipate heat quicker as well.

Carrier Bearings

Every Duesway Discharge will have at least two oil-impregnated wood carrier bearings and every floor auger will have two oil impregnated hanger bearings.  Every bearing comes standard with an access door as well.

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Poly - Fenders

Those looking to reduce weight at any point should look at Poly-Fenders to save a quite a few pounds.  Durable and easily replaced in the event of a blow-out.  Available in any color.

Belly-Mount Toolbox

If needed, Duesway can put any sized toolbox at nearly any location on your trailer.  Our default size is 24" Tall X 24" Deep X 60" Wide.  Plenty of storage space for tools, brooms, etc.

AKG Oil Cooler

The DCS-20 Hydraulic Oil Cooler is a great option to keep your hydraulic oil in a preferred range of hydraulic temperatures.  Available with a digital thermostat readout.